Saving and Investing with PiggyVest

Saving and Investing with PiggyVest

As the year ends, lets look at one of the perfect ways of kick-starting 2020 financially.

In my own words, 2020 is the year of investment, be it financially or otherwise. December last year, a friend of mine introduced me to PiggyVest a modern financial saving and investment platform. I love to give things a try, especially if has to do with money and investment.

PiggyVest helped me save a lot last year and come 2020, I plan to save more with PiggyVest and also utilize their investment opportunities.

A look at the amazing PiggyVest Platform

Unlike traditional banking,PiggyVesthelps you achieve financial freedom by enabling you save responsibly and invest on the go. With PiggyVest, you earn 10% — 15.5% interests on savings. And earn over 25% return on investments.

Getting started with PiggyVest

  • Go to PiggyVest
  • Click on Create a Free Account
  • Fill your details
  • Set up your Withdrawal Bank
  • Then activate and verify your email

Upon successfully registering you should be greeted with this dashboard (Desktop View)

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Iroleh’s Piggyvest Dashboard


Setting up your account

  • Click on Account
  • Click on My Card and Banking Settings
  • Setup your debit card for funding and your banking details for withdrawal purposes

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Funding your Account — Saving

  • Back to Home
  • Click on Quick Save
  • Enter Amount and destination to save to (Chose piggybank for now)

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  • You are expected to select your payment option
  • Use bank card (the debit card details entered early), or feel free to use a new card or pay with bank option.

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  • A popup instruction and confirmation will be shown, click confirm to authorize the payment

Setting up Autosave

We live in the world of automation, and piggyvest is not left out. Piggyvest gives you the ability to autosave money to your piggybank without the previous manual procedure. With Autosave, you can save on the go, within a specified date.

Steps to Autosave

  • Back to Home, Autosave option should be on the todo list

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  • Click on it, and set up the amount and days you will like to save

On Investment

Always checkout the Invest for investment opportunities

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Withdrawing your Savings

When withdrawing, your money is send to your bank account (As you updated on setting your account). To withdraw your savings:

  • Click on Savings
  • Click on the specific feature to withdraw from (e.g. piggybank)
  • Click on withdraw
  • Enter amount to withdraw, where to withdraw to (e.g. your bank account )
  • Verify your password and withdraw funds

Note: Based on the date of your withdraw, piggyvest collects 5% penalty fee for withdraws outside free withdraw dates.

Visit FAQs & Answersfor more

Feel free to explore other features of piggyvest like:

  • Flex Dollar — Which helps you save in dollar
  • Refer & Earn 1,000 — Which helps you earn while referring others to the platform
  • Safelock — Which helps you lock your savings for a specified period of time and returns 6% — 15.5% interest rate.
  • Target Savings — Which helps you save with a target. Explore the target options to help you choose what best fits you.

Share with your friends and network, lets make 2020 great.

Make 2020 your Year of Investment